The Songs

The Songs

girl is chock full of fourteen of the most girlicious songs you’ve ever heard. Check ’em out.

  1. I Like It LoudA song about standing in your space and owning your voice, no matter what anyone else thinks.
  2. American GirlsAn anthem about sisterhood celebrating a common bond among girls across the nation.
  3. Dream in BigA lovely ballad about big dreams and the steps to follow them.
  4. Smart GirlA salute to the girl brain – feisty and fun!
  5. I See YouThe most serious and achingly beautiful song on the album, it focuses on inner strength and the possibility inside us all.
  6. Good to Be a GirlA fun celebration song…because it’s good to be a girl!
  7. I Got Your BackA funky groove and sassy lyrics share the strength of true friendship.
  8. The Girl In The Back Row From singing in the mirror to center spotlight on the big stage, this country pop song illustrates the steps to musical success.
  9. StrongA radio friendly pop song about the inner strength to make it through any storm.
  10. FlyThis sing-song ballad encourages the listener to take a leap of faith, because maybe you’ll fly!
  11. Pretty – There’s so much more to me…than just PRETTY!
  12. Girl Rock NationWith a high-energy groove and a powerful beat, this song will bring the room to its feet!
  13. SmileA hip-hop romp around the issue of street harassment set with girl-friendly lyrics and a message of empowerment.
  14. S. Just Be YouFinal words of encouragement, because your story is up to you.

All songs ©2017 L. Whitmore/J. Paone

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