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© 2017 Jenna Paone & Laura B. Whitmore When it’s time To take the step you cannot take To face the truth you cannot face To brave the storm you cannot brave And you’re high and dry and the lighting strikes and the sky’s on fire And you’re out to sea and you’re in too [...]

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© 2017 Jenna Paone & Laura B Whitmore Yesterday On my way Heard a stranger say Smile, hey baby, come on make my day You’d be So pretty And you’d look so sweet Turn that frown upside down, now and smile for me And I’m the type Who can find Sun in cloudy skies Happy [...]

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American Girls

© 2017 Jenna Paone & Laura B. Whitmore We come from city blocks Small towns and mountaintops We’ve got oceans in our eyes Wheat fields and desert skies We’re fifty states apart Different as stripes and stars Wherever we go from coast to coast We call this country home So stand up For independence Oh [...]

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©2017 Jenna Paone & Laura B. Whitmore Take a look Turn your head Let it sink in It’s okay You can say What you’re thinking I’m a knock- knock-knock you out Pretty as can be But you’re not, not, seeing More than what you wanna see Turn around Dive it down Below (the) surface Underneath [...]

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